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Setting Strategy

Nonprofit Due Diligence

Working with Grantees

  • How Do I Build Strong Relationships with Grantees?

    Collaborating effectively with your grantees is a critical step on your journey from aspirations to real results. Here's guidance on how to achieve that.

  • The Donor-Grantee Trap

    Money and time are routinely wasted in the critical linkage between donor and grantee, and as a result, our communities are being unnecessarily shortchanged. Here's what can be done about it.

  • The Nonprofit Starvation Cycle

    A vicious cycle is leaving nonprofits so hungry for decent infrastructure that they can barely function as organizations—let alone serve their beneficiaries. To break the nonprofit starvation cycle, funders must take the lead.

  • Why Philanthropists Should Focus on Outcomes, Not Overhead

    Overhead is a poor measure of a nonprofit’s performance. Instead, philanthropists should pay attention to other factors such as transparency, governance, leadership, and results.

  • Saying Goodbye: Exiting Grantee Relationships With Care

    Although you may end up giving some grantees more money, you will also, inevitably, have to transition away from others by reducing or ending your support for them. Here's what to think about.

  • The Hilton Foundation Sees a Need—and Finds a Partner

    If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a “big village” to raise a child with disabilities. It also takes a donor with a special kind of focus, patience, and willingness to learn.

Original Adaptive Strategy Series

SSIR-Bridgespan Adaptive Strategy Series


  • Philanthropy in the New Age of Government Austerity

    With fiscal belts tightened and political parties polarized, how should philanthropy go about working with government to address social sector problems? Bridgespan has identified three promising approaches.

  • The Broad Foundation: Transforming Urban Public Education Through Leadership

    From his business experience, Broad knew that effective leadership and a focus on results were the keys to building strong companies. Perhaps these same principles had the power to transform America's public school systems.

  • Partnering for Results

    This guide helps you assess the benefits and risks of working with partners, and offers an assessment to help you decide what type of collaboration—if any—might be the best fit.

  • Family Philanthropy

    Are you planning on involving your spouse, children, grandchildren, or other family members in your philanthropy? If so, see our articles devoted to this topic.

Philanthropy Checklists

Monday Morning Checklists

How can you tell whether you’ve wrestled with a philanthropic question sufficiently to move on? If you can check many of these markers off your Monday morning to-do list, then you’re probably well on your way to giving smart!

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