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Give Smart is a great gift to the world. By asking questions—the right questions—Tierney and Fleishman guide, advise, challenge, and, as with all great teachers, push us to find our own best answers. If you want your philanthropy to be useful—changing lives, solving intractable problems, making society work better—then engage deeply with this book!”

—Jim Collins, author of Good to Great and the Social Sectors

Giving money away is easy. If you can sign your name at the bottom of a check, or approve the slate of grants at a family foundation board meeting, or accept proposals from aspiring grantees, you can give money away. Giving it away smartly, so that it not only gets results but also gets more and better results over time, is hard.

If there was ever a time for philanthropists to step forward and give smart, it is now. Whether you are an experienced donor giving away hundreds of millions of dollars a year, a family engaged in private foundations, an independent trustee, an advisor, a grant maker, or a foundation decision maker, this book is your indispensable guide.

About the Authors

Tom Tierney            

Thomas J. Tierney is the co-founder and chairman of The Bridgespan Group, a non-profit consulting firm serving the non-profit sector and its funders. Prior to founding Bridgespan, Mr. Tierney served as managing partner worldwide of Bain & Company from June 1992 to January 2000.

Joel Fleishman

Joel L. Fleishman is Faculty Chair of the Duke University Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society. The author of The Foundation, he has served as president of the Atlantic Philanthropic Service Company, the U.S. affiliate of Atlantic Philanthropies.

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