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Conversations with Remarkable Givers: An Inside Look at Philanthropists' Journeys

Initiated and led by Bridgespan’s philanthropy experts, Conversations with Remarkable Givers is an unprecedented collection of more than 1,000 short video clips, drawn from more than 50 original and private interviews with philanthropists and foundation leaders, including Michael J. Fox, Melinda Gates, Ted Turner, Jennifer and Peter Buffett, David Rubenstein, Jean and Steve Case, Jane Siebels, Darren Walker, and Emmett Carson. In these frank and candid conversations, our interviewees share how they think about effective philanthropy in relation to their families, how they pick causes to champion and work with grantees to implement their vision, and how they define “success” and measure results.


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Conversations reveals how our interviewees think about effective philanthropy in relation to their families, how they pick causes to champion and work with grantees to implement their vision, and how they define success and measure results. They share what has been inspirational, humbling, and surprising along the way, and what they wished they’d known as a new philanthropist.


What the interviewees are saying about Conversations


“While everyone's philanthropic journey will be unique, we can all learn from the experience of others.” – Jennifer Buffett

“This unique archive is a great resource for philanthropists who care about effective giving. It also provides a window for nonprofit leaders into the motivation and thinking of donors.” – Mario Morino

“I am delighted to take part in a project that provides an in-depth look at the practice of philanthropy, told from the point of view of those who are deeply engaged. I hope this will encourage more information sharing and more philanthropy.” – Carrie Avery

“The Bridgespan/Give Smart project is a roadmap of shared wisdom, insights and experiences that will help any would-be philanthropist. It would have certainly kept me out of a few ditches.” – Connie Duckworth

“Having an opportunity to access knowledge and wisdom from others further along in their own journey allows each of us to more effectively and efficiently optimize the change for which we hope to be a part.” – Richard Atlas

”The times call for philanthropy, not only to step up, but also to step out, to shift from being charitable (doing good) to asserting leadership (changing the game) in igniting and supporting efforts to effect breakthrough solutions.” – Steve McCormick

“Giving away money is not easy if done right. I think this is a great way to use 21st century technology as a resource from the many serious philanthropists that spend their hard earned money to make the world a better place. I will learn from many on the site and hope my insights are also helpful.” – Bernie Marcus


List of Interviewees

  • Wallis Annenberg
    Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, The Annenberg Foundation
    Leonard Aube
    Executive Director, The Annenberg Foundation
  • Laura Arnold
    Co-chair, Laura and John Arnold Foundation
    John Arnold
    Co-chair, Laura and John Arnold Foundation
  • Richard Atlas
    Co-founding Trustee, The Atlas Family Foundation
    Retired General Partner, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
  • Carrie Avery
    President, The Durfee Foundation
  • Josh Bekenstein
    Chair, New Profit Inc.
    Managing Director, Bain Capital, LLC
  • Geoff Boisi
    Chairman & CEO, Roundtable Investment Partners, LLC
    Co-founder, MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership
  • Paul Brest
    Professor of Law, Emeritus & Former Dean, Stanford Law School
  • Eli Broad
    Co-founder, The Broad Foundations
    Co-founder, KB Home & Founder, SunAmerica
  • Charles R. Bronfman
    Chairman, The Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philanthropies
    Co-founder, Taglit-Birthright Israel
  • Jennifer Buffett
    President & Co-chair, NoVo Foundation
    Peter Buffett
    Co-chair, NoVo Foundation
  • Emmett D. Carson, Ph.D.
    President & CEO, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Jean Case
    CEO, The Case Foundation
    Steve Case
    Chairman, The Case Foundation; CEO, Revolution, LLC
    Co-founder, AOL
  • Ray Chambers
    UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Malaria
  • Desh Deshpande
    Founder, Deshpande Foundation
    President & Chairman, Sparta Group LLC
  • Bill Draper
    Co-chair & Co-founder, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
    General Partner, Draper Richards L.P.
  • Stanley Druckenmiller
    Founder, Druckenmiller Foundation; Chairman, Harlem Children's Zone
    Former Chairman & President, Duquesne Capital Management
  • Connie K. Duckworth
    Founder & CEO, ARZU, Inc.
    Former Partner & Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
  • Doris Fisher
    Co-founder, KIPP Foundation
    John Fisher
    Chairman, KIPP Foundation
  • Michael J. Fox
    Founder, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
    Deborah W. Brooks
    Co-founder & Executive Vice Chairman, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
  • Melinda Gates
    Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Roger Hertog
    President, Hertog Foundation, Inc.
    Chairman, Tikvah Fund
  • Steven M. Hilton
    Chairman, President & CEO, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
  • Swanee Hunt
    Chair, Hunt Alternatives Fund
    Former U.S. Ambassador to Austria
  • Barbara Hyde
    President, J.R. Hyde III Family Foundation
    President, J.R. Hyde Sr. Family Foundation
    J.R. “Pitt” Hyde III
    Founder, J.R. Hyde III Family Foundation
    Founder & former CEO, AutoZone, Inc.
  • George Kaiser
    Founder, George Kaiser Family Foundation
    President & CEO, GBK Corporation
    Ken Levit
    Executive Director, George Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Neeru Khosla
    Co-founder & Executive Director, CK-12 Foundation
  • Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA
    President & CEO, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Carolyn Lynch
    Co-founder, President & Chairman, The Lynch Foundation
    Peter Lynch
    Co-founder & Treasurer, The Lynch Foundation
    Vice Chairman, Fidelity Management & Research Co.
  • Josh Mailman
    Founder, Threshold Foundation
    Founder, Social Venture Network
  • Bernie Marcus
    Chairman, The Marcus Foundation
    Co-founder, The Home Depot
  • Henry F. McCance
    Co-founder, Cure Alzheimer's Fund
    Chairman Emeritus, Greylock Partners
  • Steve McCormick
    President, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • Mike Milken
    Chairman, The Milken Institute
  • Tashia Morgridge
    President, Tosa Foundation
    John Morgridge
    CFO, Tosa Foundation
    Chair Emeritus, Cisco Systems
  • Mario Morino
    Founder & Chairman, Morino Institute
    Co-founder & Chairman, Venture Philanthropy Partners
  • Christy Morse
    CEO, Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies
  • Pierre Omidyar
    Founding Partner, Omidyar Network
    Founder & Chairman, eBay Inc.
  • Pete Peterson
    Founder & Chairman, Peter G. Peterson Foundation
    Co-founder & Chairman Emeritus, The Blackstone Group
  • Julian Robertson, Jr.
    Founder, Tiger Foundation; Founder, Robertson Foundation
    Chairman & CEO, Tiger Management, LLC
  • Nancy Roob
    President, The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
  • Daniel Rose
    Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Harlem Educational Activities Fund
    Chairman, Rose Associates, Inc.
  • Robert Rosenkranz
    Founder & President, The Rosenkranz Foundation
    CEO, Delphi Financial Group
  • David Rubenstein
    Co-founder & Co-CEO, The Carlyle Group
  • Herb Sandler
    President, Sandler Foundation
  • Jane Siebels
    President & Co-founder, iGiving World
    Founder, Chairwoman & CIO, Green Cay Asset Management
  • Lorie A. Slutsky
    President, The New York Community Trust
  • Michael Steinhardt
    Chairman, The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life
    Co-founder, Taglit-Birthright Israel
  • Tom Steyer
    Co-founder, One PacificCoast Foundation
    Founder & Senior Managing Member, Farallon Capital Management, LLC
  • Kelvin H. Taketa
    President & CEO, Hawai‘i Community Foundation
  • Paul Tudor Jones II
    Founder, Robin Hood Foundation
    Co-chairman & CIO, Tudor Investment Corp.
  • Ted Turner
    Chairman, Turner Foundation, Inc.
    Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
  • Darren Walker
    Vice President, Education, Creativity & Free Expression Program, Ford Foundation
  • David Weekley
    Founder, David Weekley Family Foundation
    Founder & Chairman, David Weekley Homes
  • John C. Whitehead
    Former Co-chairman, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    Former Deputy Secretary of State


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