The Bridgespan Group
The Bridgespan Group
“Giving away money is not easy if done right. I think this is a great way to use 21st century technology as a resource from the many serious philanthropists that spend their hard earned money to make the world a better place. I will learn from many on the site and hope my insights are also helpful.” – Bernie Marcus, The Marcus Foundation; Home Depot

"Conversations with Remarkable Givers" is a groundbreaking, free video series of frank and candid conversations with more than 60 remarkable, results-oriented philanthropists, providing unprecedented access to their strategic thinking, insights, and wisdom.


From Ted Turner, Eli Broad, Pierre Omidyar, and Michael J. Fox, to Peter and Jennifer Buffett, Charles Bronfman, Melinda Gates and Jean and Steve Case, the participants reveal what makes their philanthropy effective and how they've achieved and measured results. They discuss what skills they have brought from their careers to their philanthropy and, for business leaders, where their previous successes have been helpful or not. Plus they offer advice on how to get involved, when to take risks, and what aspects of philanthropy can be humbling, surprising, and educational.


Bridgespan's philanthropy experts initiated and conducted these original, private interviews, which comprise more than 1,000 video clips, ranging from 30 seconds to four minutes long each. Key patterns of philanthropy that surfaced in these video conversations include:

  • The increasing popularity of giving sooner, longer, and in a more focused way, and interest in philanthropy via for-profit as well as nonprofit initiatives;
  • "Giving while living"—placing bigger bets to solve today's problems, and not just passing money down in perpetuity;
  • Problem-solving philanthropy versus just check writing, and the value of leveraging time and influence as well as money;
  • Applying skills developed during successful business careers to improve philanthropic outcomes, such as investing in leadership and knowing when to   take big risks; and,
  • Increasing access to smaller-scale giving by individuals facilitated by technology.

We hope that donors will find these videos both useful and inspirational as they pursue their own efforts to create impact with their philanthropic dollars.